Trip Costs are composed of four elements: accommodation, travel, food and admin/miscellaneous.

Includes such costs as hiring fees, camping fees etc, together with any subsidiary costs such as electricity and gas meters.

The total costs (fuel and driver allowance) of all approved cars, used for transporting members to and from venues and run about costs whilst there, will be pooled to calculate the cost per person, except for travel cost of independent travellers who choose to travel at their own expense and are therefore excluded from travel costs

To calculate the real cost of fuel in approved cars, the driver will be asked to top up the fuel tank just prior to departure and record the mileage or zero the trip. On return, the tank should again be topped up to full and final mileage recorded. (Receipts must always be obtained for fuel purchased on return, plus any intermediate purchases.)

The actual cost of fuel used is thus the final bill plus any intermediate bills after the start.

Total mileage will determine the driver allowance of £8.00 per 100, or part, miles travelled, in addition to the fuel cost.

This is the cost of any food provided on a communal basis for the group.

Organisers will usually incur costs for telephones, photocopying, postages etc which will be reimbursed to them.

Cost per person
All costs are aggregated and then divided by the number of participants, (except of course those who choose to travel etc independently).

The organiser will take a non-refundable deposit when the trip is booked.

Refunds of surpluses
Any refunds will be at the discretion of the organiser and will not normally be made if considered minimal. Small surpluses are paid to the Club.

Your club membership includes insurance through BMC. This however is for third party liability insurance for the Club and for individual Club members; it is not a personal accident insurance: please arrange your own personal insurance if you want this additional cover.

Note to all Trip Participants
The programme is drawn up to a year in advance, all trip estimates are based on fuel prices at the time of writing. Final costings for trips may differ slightly for estimated price.

Please note, the organisers do not get paid for doing any of this!