Friday 25th August - Saturday 9th September
Côte d’Amor and the Côte de Granite Rosé, Brittany
Foreign Trip

Having walked the section from St Brieuc to Mont St Michel in 2012 it is planned to tackle another section of the GR34 (Brittany Coastal Path) which runs from Morlaix in the west to Mont St Michel in the east, this time starting at the start (Morlaix) and finishing at Tréguier which covers a distance of approximately 134 miles over 10 walking days.

If you do not have time to take two weeks off, worried about the distance or your wallet cannot take it, it is possible to join or leave the trail at several points! Travel is likely to be by overnight ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo. From there trains take you to the start at Morlaix with chance to visit Rennes en-route if the group wishes to and return to St Malo with perhaps a chance to visit the Ile de Bréhat and two nights in St Malo.

The guidebook reckons between 9 and 13 days to complete the distance and for the day when you do not feel like walking there will probably be a public transport option. For accommodation we would probably use a mixture of youth hostels, chambres d’hôte (B & B) or hotels so the gear to be taken can be cut down.

The route is not so severe as parts of the coastal paths in the UK, and gives opportunities for bird watching, botany, swimming as well as a variety of scenery including many sandy bays and of course cliffs. For those of you put off by the more physical foreign trips this would be a good introduction to foreign backpacking!

I would estimate that the cost per night including meals would be about £50 -£65 (depending on how the pound fares against the euro and the type of accommodation) and to this needs to be added transport. The ferry is approximately £160 and the train fares in France about £60.

The proposed dates are from Friday 25 August to Saturday 9 September 2017.

If you are interested please contact me (Tel: 01243 789949, or by email) by 28 February 2017. A deposit will not be necessary at this stage but I do need to know what interest there is so a meeting of interested parties can be held and planning can start.

Organiser:    Michael Merritt           email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Closing date for booking:  28/2/2017

Grid reference:    
Coordinates:    W 3.827001, N 48.580623

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