Here at the Highdown Hillwalking & Mountaineering Club we take the privacy of our members’ data seriously, and the information that you provide to us will only be used to:

·        tell you about Club activities
·        arrange walks, trips and other activities organised by the Club
·        process your application to join the Club
·        communicate with you about your membership
·        record financial transaction with the Club

Photographs taken on Club activities may be published on our web page or used on other promotional material only after specific consent from the Club members concerned has been obtained.

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you. If you should find any of the information we hold is incorrect then you should promptly notify the Club Membership Secretary and we will correct the inaccuracy. You are in control of your personal information and data.

The Club will never share or sell your data without your prior permission.

What we record

Your name, postal address, email address, contact phone number(s) and date of birth (where supplied). This is your basic personal data. We record the date and amount of the Club subscription paid, and other payments and receipts (mostly for trips) – your financial data. We will also record Club trip-specific personal data such as dietary requirements, first aid qualifications and emergency home contact details. This is your sensitive personal data.

How We Record Data

All personal and financial data are stored electronically in encrypted databases except data held for a short period for the purposes of specific trips. The data are stored on a local personal computer and secure cloud storage and file backup. Only the Membership Secretary will be able to access your basic personal data. The Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor may access your financial data. Only the Trip Organiser and Club Home Contact may store and access your sensitive personal data.

How We Use Your Data

Within the Club

Basic personal data may be shared with other Club members to allow Club activities to be arranged. Club members will not share any personal data of any other Club member with any outside person or organisation without prior consent of that member. Basic personal data are reviewed annually to ensure they are correct and relevant. Sensitive personal data will be used in case of incidents, illness or accidents during a trip and will be deleted on completion of that trip.

Financial data are only shared with the Management Committee, the Trip Organiser (where appropriate) and Auditors of the Clubs accounts.

External to the Club

As a BMC-affiliated club we will provide your name, contact details and date of birth to the BMC so that they can administer your membership of the BMC, including your combined liability insurance cover. The BMC will use your data to communicate with you about your membership. The BMC will contact you to invite you to create a ‘Member Profile’ which, amongst other things, allows you to set and amend your privacy settings. More information about how the BMC uses data can be found at
We use MailChimp’s email marketing service for Club emailing, new member enrolment and GDPR online consent evidence. This means that basic personal data will also be stored on MailChimp’s secure online servers.